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Your Jungian relationship report lists your compatibility aspects and a relative score for all of the important people in your life. AstroDates is a "freemium" service. Basic service will always be free online. Printed reports are only 97 cents by email. Unlimited reports are only $9.97 per month. Your personal information is private. You cannot meet people on this website and visitors cannot see your information.

How AstroDates Works

AstroDates is built on Carl Jung's Relationship Astrology. It uses the planet angles between two people's charts. Positive angles are conjunct, sextile, and trine. Some of the best indicators for harmony between two people are Moon-Jupiter, Mercury-Venus, Sun-Jupiter and Sun-Moon. Sexual and romantic connections are indicated by close aspects between Mars-Jupiter, Mars-Venus, Venus-Uranus, and Venus-Pluto.

Carl Jung used marriage as an indicator of romantic attraction. Interestingly, some of the indicators for a long marriage include aspects that include some tension. Negative aspects are square, inconjunct, and opposition. Presumably, tension keeps some relationships fresh. You can read more about Carl Jung's Relationship Astrology here.

AstroDates assigns a value to each aspect and then adds the values of the aspects between people's charts. The total score gives you a quick, easy, and accurate score for the relationship potential for this partner.

Scientists discount Astrology because time has moved the zodiac signs away from their constellations and because there is no direct force between the planets. Western Astrology's constellations are different from their zodiac signs. This does not change the angles between them or the angles in charts.

Astrology is based on vibes like Feng Shui, furniture placement, or art in a gallery. When they are random or bunched in one place we feel uncomfortable and leave. When there is a flow to the energy we relax and stay. This energy flow between the planets can be seen in Astrology charts.

To see what a sample report looks like, you can read our AstroDates horoscope compatibility report for Barack and Michelle Obama here. Please note that AstroDates is designed to generate reports only between you and your partners.

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