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Astro twins is a rare event. The phenomena of astro twins is proof of a rare truth. One recorded occurrence included at least 20 samenesses. "A few years ago, two unrelated women met for the first time in a hospital room in Hackensack, New Jersey. It turned out that they had been born on the same date of the same year, in towns not far distant. The [astro twins] women's last names were Hanna and Osborne, but both had the same first name - Edna. Each had come to the hospital [for the same reason] to give birth to a first child. The babies had been born at the same hour, had weighed the same and had been given the same name - Patricia Edna." These women were astro twins. AstroDates is the first app to apply astro twins to life.

Astro Twins

The women's husbands also had [the same] identical first names - Harold. Each Harold was in the same business and had the same make, model and color car. The Hannas and the Osbornes had been married three and a half years and had the same anniversary. Both husbands had been born in the same year, month and day. Both women were blue-eyed brunettes - of the same height and weight, and they wore the same size clothes.

Astro Twins Horoscope

They had the same number of brothers and sisters. Their husbands were of the same religion - a different one from that of the wives, which was also the same. Each family owned a dog named Spot of the same breed, size and age. Both dogs were acquired under almost identical circumstances at the same time..."

The Astro Twins

The only connection between these two women was identical birth data. This is true of [other] astro twins and the correlation is significantly stronger for them than for genetic twins, who are necessarily born at different times." [Emphasis added.] Astro twins is a rare event. Two unrelated women must deliver at the same moment. Coordinating astro twins would be difficult at best.

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