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Carl Jung's Horoscope Compatibility Study

Carl Gustav Jung did something no one else had ever done - he proved astrology. Jung was testing his theory of Synchronicity. "To begin with, what interested me most was, of course, the question of probability." For this he needed a random sample. Jung found "a quantity of marriage horoscopes" that "had been put together for purely astrological purposes, some of it many years ago" and decided to pair the horoscopes according to the rules of Astrology.

He was expecting the sample to produce random results. But what happened next surprised Jung so much that he performed this horoscope compatibility study three times! Altogether, there were 966 horoscopes (two for each of the 483 married couples). Jung's study correctly paired 936 of the 966 marriage horoscopes. An amazing 96.8 per cent!

Jung began by looking at 360 horoscopes. For his control group, Jung randomly re-paired the couples.There are many reasons people get married, and Jung found many aspects between the married couples. Yet, the married pairs clearly suggested marriage while his control group did not. Shocked, Jung wrote "It really does look as if the statistical material had been manipulated and arranged so as to give the appearance of a positive result."

He added another 440 horoscopes, changed his methods, and did another horoscope compatibility study. The results were so similar, Jung questioned his own results. He brought in experts in math and statistics. This time he wrote "I have discarded the idea that we are dealing with mere chance numbers... Had one wanted to falsify the statistical findings so as to bring them into line with tradition, one could not have done it more successfully."

Jung added still another 166 horoscopes, changed his methods yet again, and made a third horoscope compatibility study. Thinking he or his staff had skewed the results, a "person who knew nothing of astrology and psychology and even less of these investigations was invited to draw the slips one by one out of the pot, without looking at them." Again, the results surprised him. Jung wrote: "I should like to illustrate what has happened here by means of an example:"

"You take three matchboxes, put 1,000 black ants in the first, 10,000 in the second and 50 in the third, together with one white ant in each, shut the boxes, and bore a hole in each of them, small enough to allow only one ant to crawl through at a time. The first ant to come out of each of the three boxes is always the white one."

Carl Gustav Jung, the Father of Analytical Psychology, Author of the Extraverted and Introverted Personalities, Father of Archetypes, Source of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Father of the Complex, Father of Synchronicity, and Father of the Collective Unconscious, was now also the Father of Horoscope Compatibility.

Technically, the results were not statistically significant, yet Jung cannot help himself from saying: "One may be fooled by coincidence, but one has to have a very thick skin not to be impressed."

The most amazing part of the study was yet to come. Jung's score for matching horoscopes rose to a full 97.1 percent because a fourth "white ant" came out of the box. Incredibly, not one, but two pairs of total strangers Jung had identified as couples later met and married!

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