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Part One -- Planets and Aspects

Each of us has every planet in his or her chart. Each planet symbolizes a different facet of life. In synastry, when we compare two charts, we look at the aspects (distance in degrees) between the planets of one chart and the planets of the other to determine areas of potential ease or difficulty. In general, sextiles and trines are easy aspects; squares and oppositions are challenging or dynamic aspects. Conjunctions can be either easy or difficult, depending on the planets involved.

Below, a brief (necessarily incomplete) description of the areas of life ruled by each of the planets: SUN: The life force, the ego center, who you are at your core. MOON: Feelings, home, mother, family, sensitivity, nurturing, moods. MERCURY: Communication, schooling, short trips, negotiations, the mind. VENUS: Emotions, asthetic and artistic sense, what you have to offer a lover or partner if you're a woman; what you want in a partner if you're a man. MARS: Aggression, desires, competitiveness, ego drive, conflict, what you bring to a relationship if you're a man; what you want if you're a woman. JUPITER: Expansion, generosity, travel, optimism, knowledge, beliefs. SATURN: Restrictions, discipline, fear, burdens, status, ambition, authority. URANUS: Innovativeness, quirkiness, rebelliousness. NEPTUNE: Dreams, illusions, drugs, deception, spirituality. PLUTO: Death and regeneration, elimination, tumultuous change, power.

Common Aspects Moon square Moon
Having this square between your Moons may indicate a certain amount of tension in the domestic and emotional situations you find yourselves in together. Part of the reason is that you tend to react to similar emotions in different, often incompatible ways so that, even though the two of you may be experiencing similar feelings, you may have trouble recognizing this from the other's response. You may each feel that your emotional response is the "correct" one, and therefore devalue the response of the other because it doesn't fit with what you understand or expect . Learn to accept each other's differences and you may find great similarities between you as well, including the ability to feel deeply about each other.

Venus trine Venus
Favorable for virtually any relationship, this trine makes it very easy for you to be together. You are likely to be emotionally compatible and to have harmonious tastes in fashion, art and music. You'll also tend to enjoy similar pleasures. People with this trine between their charts tend to be attuned to and considerate of each other's emotions. The only downside: you can bring out each other's lazy and/or extravagant tendencies.

Moon square Venus
Favorable for virtually any relationship, this trine makes it very easy for you to be together. You are likely to be emotionally compatible and to have harmonious tastes in fashion, art and music. You'll also tend to enjoy similar pleasures. People with this trine between their charts tend to be attuned to and considerate of each other's emotions. The only downside: you can bring out each other's lazy and/or extravagant tendencies.

Barack Obama's Planets Aspecting Michelle Obama's Planets

Sun trine Jupiter
This trine is one of the most harmonious aspects and shows great benevolence between the two people involved. You are likely to be generous to each other, and to be able to forgive and forget, when necessary, as you would with virtually no one else. You're also likely to help keep each other's spirits high. While you can encourage each other and support each other, you may be unwilling to acknowledge or deal with negative issues when they come up, which is the only real down side of this aspect.

Moon square Venus
This is generally an easy square. You are likely to excite each other's emotions and there may be a few intense moments between you, when you have to work at understanding where each is coming from emotionally, but generally this just adds dynamism to the relationship.

Moon trine Mars
This trine usually indicates that you have powerful feelings toward each other. It also contributes to sexual attraction. While virtually all of the Mars/ Moon aspects can show attraction, with the trine, the resulting relationship is likely to be much smoother, with fewer of the pouty, emotional scenes typical when these planets contact each other by conjunction, opposition or square. While the Mars person may take the role of the dominant partner, this will usually be by mutual implicit agreement. You are both likely to have a well-developed sense of protectiveness toward one another and can provide what the other lacks and needs. With this trine between you, you're also likely to be able to get a great deal accomplished around the home together.

Mercury opposite Mars
If you enjoy debating, this is an ideal aspect to have in your synastry comparison. Otherwise, it can be a bit irritating. The opposition of Mercury and Mars usually signifies two people who tend to argue with each other a lot. There can be disagreements about trivial matters, and very little patience with each other's actions and/or point of view. On the positive side, you can keep each other stimulated intellectually. Just try to control the desire to contradict each other when there isn't anything important at stake and stifle the urge to wound with cutting remarks that you may regret later.

Michelle Obama's Planets Aspecting Barack Obama's Planets

Sun conjunct Jupiter
You are likely to belong to a mutual admiration society, seeing the best in each other -- and tolerating the worst , when necessary, in good humor. This tends to make for an excellent combination and to promote a harmonious relationship. The Jupiter person is likely to show great generosity toward the Sun person and allow for much freedom of expression. The Sun person, in turn, tends to protect and support Jupiter person.

Sun conjunct Saturn
While this isn't the easiest aspect to have in a relationship chart, it is one of those aspects that can add to the durability, and sense of responsibility, in any partnership. There is a likelihood that the relationship may be limited or restricted in some way. Perhaps there is a great age difference, or one of the partners may have outside responsibilities that limit his or her ability to abandon him or herself to the pleasures of this pairing. But both partners will tend to take this relationship seriously, whatever its limitations. The Saturn person may be a wet blanket occasionally but can help the Sun person be more practical and disciplined. The Sun person can bolster the Saturn person's self-esteem.

Moon trine Venus
Emotional harmony and greater than usual sensitivity toward each other's feelings are typical with this aspect. A Moon/Venus trine can indicate a very romantic, caring relationship. You are likely to enjoy similar activities, especially if there is a creative or imaginative element to them. Mutual support is one of the traits typical with this trine, along with the empathy that allows you to understand when support is needed without always having to be told (although good communication always helps).

Mercury opposite Venus
While there may be some differences in the way you each approach finance, study, communication and entertainment, you will probably be able to find a middle ground that is acceptable to you both . The Mercury person may occasionally seem insensitive or overly concerned with the rational aspects of life to the Venus person while the Venus person may occasionally come across to the Mercury person as self-indulgent or overly emotional. Nevertheless, this aspect is not potent enough, in itself, to cause real problems between you.

Mercury trine Pluto
Because Pluto spends so many years in each sign, this trine is more significant as an indicator of the Mercury person's response to an entire generation than as an indication of one-to-one relationship traits. If the aspect is within a degree or so of exact, you are likely to inspire each other to look for the hidden meanings in life and/or to explore deep subjects together, such as psychology or the occult.

Mars conjunct Jupiter
This can be a "lucky" combination, in that the partners tend to help each other take the right kind of action in the right way to get what they want. The Mars person supplies the energy, while the Jupiter person provides the knack for finding the path of least resistance so that the energy does the most good. The only downside of this pairing is that there is a potential for each of you to lead the other into wasteful spending and/or unwise investments; the Mars person, due to a tendency to act first and think later, and the Jupiter person due to a tendency toward over-optimism.

Saturn opposite Uranus
This is an oil and water combination that will try the patience of both of you in many situations. Each will often see situations confronted by both as requiring an entirely opposite reaction to what the other sees as appropriate. The Saturn person may opt for conservatism; the Uranus person, for change or rebellion. The Saturn person may feel threatened by the Uranus person's lack of discipline and seemingly rebellious behavior. The Uranus person may feel tied down or put upon by the Saturn person.

Uranus sextile Neptune
This is a generational aspect, of little significance in one-to-one relationships. Most members of each of your generations are likely to share some supportive attitudes regarding idealism, truth/deception, and certain spiritual issues.

Uranus conjunct Pluto
As this is a conjunction of two slow moving planets, each of which will occupy a single sign for many years, this aspect is more significant for showing how generations relate to each other than as an indicator of personal relationship traits. It can indicate shared generational concerns regarding social change or revolutionary ideas.

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