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Mars and Venus in Love

Mars and Venus are the planets of Love. In Mythology these planets were represented by gods. In Astrology these planets represent what we have to give or need from a partner. Venus shows what a man wants in a woman. Venus also shows what a woman can give a man. Mars shows what a man brings to the relationship. Mars also shows what a woman needs in a relationship.

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Mars and Venus in Astrology

Astrology is based on defining these needs and wants from their birthdays. Relationship Astrology is termed Synastry. Love in Astrology is more than just Mars and Venus. Love takes many forms between two people. And there are many aspects that describe love in Astrology. The combination of Mars and Venus is passion. While this is often desirable in romantic relationships. This doesn't make for a long lasting union. The Sun and Moon represent the practical and emotional parts. Often the Ascendant, Saturn, Jupiter and other planets play important roles, too.

Carl Jung, Mars and Venus

Psychology defines love based on how we provide needs and wants. And on how well we meet those needs and wants in the other. Carl Jung was the first psychologist to study love and Astrology. His now-famous experiment led to the book, Synchronicity. According to Carl Jung, Mars and Venus play an important, but smaller role. Jung found that several aspects were important in long term marriages.

AstroDates Mars and Venus

AstroDates is highly accurate at predicting love. AstroDates uses a database with over 800 entries to compare two birthdays. It is the first practical app to match mars and venus in love. AstroDates uses the synchronicity and synastry from Astrology. The result is a highly accurate love tester. Jung scored 97% with this method several times. With AstroDates, you can learn about your relationships on your laptop and on your smart phone. The app is a free and easy to use.

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